Hi, I'm Carolyn!
I love the beauty that God has put around us.
I aspire to find joy in every day and live for others,
and I hope to share with you the fun things I discover along the way!

New Idea

Hey Everyone!
So I am going to have this tumblr with the purpose of sharing different art websites that I find that are really cool! I really didn’t want to re-post everything that I am already doing on my carolyngoettsch.blogspot.com, so I think this will be a fun alternative. Basically just talking about cool stuff that is inspiring :D

Hope you enjoy!!
<3 C

What up Tumblr!

So my friend just made me aware of this, and I found out that I have one! Sweet!
So I am going to post my latest art—these Star Wars shoes I designed :D

hope you like them